How to get more out of your Onion Bags

Each year, it’s a given that you’ll use bags to deliver fresh produce to your customers. What you may not realise, is that there are potential gains to be made when it comes to your packaging.

Upgrading your bags doesn’t always mean spending more money, often, it’s about finding efficiencies that save on cost. Below we have a few tweaks you can make, that could be the difference between having less or more in the bank at the end of the day.
  1. Optimise your machinery & bags to achieve higher production output:

Many pack-houses in the industry have invested in high-quality automatic wicket onion bagging presenters. Although there is capital expenditure, your return on investment will be quickly realised by increases in productivity and decreases reliance on labor. To ensure you get the production output you are after on your automated wicket machines, it is important to have high quality wicket bags. Smart Pack’s wicket bags come very well packed in bales to ensure the bags present seamlessly to the machine, maximizing production outputs.

  1. Utilise Full-Graphic Custom Branding (Our design & print service)

Marketing is no doubt a great way to get your bags to stand out. We’ve developed a new design with full-graphic print to help with this and to bring something new and fresh to the industry for your generic bag requirements.

If you are looking to perosnalise your onion bags with branding, contact Smart Packs Graphic Design team who can support you in achieving the desired look and feel. Sometimes it just takes a small tweak, like using high-quality print and the same amount of effort to maximise on this area of your packaging. And at little to no extra cost to growers, it’s a win, win in our books!

  1. Analyze your weave quality:

Are your onion bags under or over specified?

If your bags are under specified, you may see the leno mesh stretching too much. This will cause issues with stacking the bags as the bags will fail to hold their shape. It may also result in damaged onions, decreasing customer satisfaction.

If your bags are over specified, there may be some cost benefits that Smart Pack can assist you with, whilst still ensuring the bag is still fit for purpose. Smart Pack can identify this by analysing both the weight and weave pattern of your current bags.

  1. Consider using non-baffle bulk bags instead of baffle bulk bags:

Are you exporting or packing bags for export to Europe? Many of these are transported in ventilated bulk bags, predominantly with internal baffles. Baffle bulk bags are ideal for this as they hold their form well, however they are considerably more expensive than un-baffled bulk bags.

Smart Pack have developed a new option for un-baffled onion bulk bags. The superior weave on our un-baffled onion bulk bags ensures the bag holds it’s structure and shape when being transported, fits well in the containers and will save you considerably on cost.

unbaffled vs baffled onion bulk bag
unbaffled vs baffled onion bulk bag


If you are looking for support on any of the above or if you would like to request samples of our onion bags, talk to the team today – 06 356 9835 | hello@