How optimising your Bulk Bags can save you time and money when exporting

Feeling the strain of current freight delays and rising costs? Here’s how you can maximise container space and reduce loading times through optimizing your Bulk Bags.

1. Make sure your Bulk Bags are the right size to maximize on space in the container.

As we all know, the cost of international freight prices are rising therefore it’s important that we utilise any and every space within containers – no one likes paying for air to be transported across the ocean!

For exporting, we recommend a baffle constructed bulk bag as they hold their square shape for maximum utilisation of space and stability when transporting.

When selecting your Bulk Bag size, consider the following points:
  • What is the internal width, length & height of the container being used? A common 20ft container is 5.89m long x 2.35m wide x 2.39m high.
  • Baffle bulk bags will bulge a little bit between the baffles so ensure you run trials or add an additional 20mm on each side for each bag in your calculations.
  • Within the container, make sure the bags are not rubbing against each other as this can result in difficulty loading into the container and material damage caused by friction between the bags.
Circular vs Baffle Bulk Bags
Circular vs Baffle Bulk Bags

Baffle Bulk Bags have a more square look and hold their form well which is why they stack better than Circular Bulk Bags.

2. Ensure your Bulk Bags are manufactured to a high quality to optimize loading and space efficiency.

Not all Bulk Bags are made the same! The quality can make a significant difference to the loading speed and the amount of space it needs within the container.

It’s important to partner with a supplier who you know can supply high quality Bulk Bags that hold their form, to ensure you are receiving bags that meet your specific requirements, every time.

Below are some key points to ensure your bulk bag is fit for purpose:
  • Weave type – Bulk Bags stack, load and transport the best when you have a quality, tight weave pattern.
  • Baffle Specification – The baffles need to be constructed in a way that ensures efficient loading, holds square with a flat bottom and doesn’t grin or open at the seams.
  • Cross Corner Loops that hold their shape – The better quality cross corner loops you have,  the easier it is to pick up and load your Bulk Bags. This reduces people power you need for the job and in turn, reduces the Health and Safety risks of having multiple people involved in the process.
  • Certification – If you are transporting food products, your bags are required to meet the NZ food grade standards. Having supplier that offers Quality Control and Certified Packaging Processes minimizes any risk of thread & material contamination and supply chain mishaps.

Whatever industry you may be in, if you’re exporting product in Bulk Bags, having a packaging partner that understands every part of the process from manufacturing to export, can save you time, money, and stress now and down the line.

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Product Innovations

Billboards are out, BOPP Bulk Bags are in!

Your business may use Bulk Bags as a part of your operation, but what you didn’t know, until now, is that they can be a seriously powerful marketing tool.

Our new BOPP Full-Graphic Print Bulk bags are made with a BOPP laminate film which allows them to be full-graphic printed, giving you the opportunity to use your bags as a B2B or even B2C marketing medium.

Construction, Landscaping, Grain & Seed, Horticulture and Stockfeed are just a few of the industries that can benefit from utilizing their Bulk packaging for communications. Imagine, a busy job site on a main street and there it is, a Bulk Bag with your brand, in front of 100s if not 1000s of people who drive past. No need to pay for costly Signage or Billboards when you can use what’s already available on-site, your Bulk Bags!

Here are 3 ways to utilize BOPP printed Bulk Bags for Marketing:

  1. During an advertising campaign:

Running a campaign? One of the more commonly used outdoor marketing tools are billboards. Although Billboards get great visibility, they are a costly and can take up a lot of your advertising budget. The average cost of a billboard in NZ is between $1,900 to $3,600 per month which is budget that could be used elsewhere within your business or even saved!

  1. To create brand awareness:

The more people that see your brand the more they will remember it and the more they will bring it up in conversation (referrals). Your Bulk Bags have a multitude of potential touch points on it’s journey from supplier to logistics, to reseller, to customer, to job site and beyond. Most of these touch points involve people, people who will see and remember your brand. So when you have packaging that is eye-catching, carries a message and illustrates what you do all in one place you can see how they are an extremely under-utilized branding tool.

  1. Brand/Product differentiation and identification:

Packaging design is holding more importance in industries such as Stockfeed and especially for brands that have multiple products and ranges. Larger product result in difficulty identifying different products. Choosing your colours, imagery and design layout will be the difference between saving time, avoiding mistakes with logistics and making identification easier for customers when selling through retail stores.

Having the contents in full-graphic print on the side of your bulk bags could solve potential identification issues within your operation and can be used to market those products to your chosen target market.

Not sure how your brand will transfer to a Bulk Bag? Our in-house design team understand how best to display your brand on BOPP Bulk Bags and can supply artwork, help with layout and walk you through the design process.

Your Bulk Bags connect with multiple parts of your business every day, which means you could be missing out on opportunities to utilize your bags for more than transporting or storing your products. BOPP Bulk bags can deliver important messages, build brand awareness, and create custom solutions for your business.

Wanting to know more about our BOPP Bulk Bags? Contact the team today – 06 356 9835 | hello@