Why good packaging graphics are good for business

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Paying careful attention to your packaging design is not just for fancy consumer brands. Even packaging in the primary sector can benefit from good branding and graphics. Whether it’s to promote the benefits of your product, ensure brand recognition, provide usage instructions, or make sure your product stands out from the rest, packaging design can have a positive impact on your bottom line. How can we be so sure? We’ve seen it happen for our customers. Many times. Need convincing? Here’s why it works.

3 reasons good packaging design is good for business

1. Stand out from the competition

No matter what you sell — whether it’s stockfeed, firewood, seeds, or other — someone else will be selling a similar product. Most businesses have competitors.

Branded packaging will help you stand out and look different to your competitors. It’s also an opportunity to provide information to help sell your product. To tell the world why your product is so good.

Of course, the fundamental purpose of packaging is to provide a means to deliver the product from A to B securely. So the packaging real estate (and cost) is there already. If you’re not using it to your full advantage to sell your product you’re missing an opportunity. The additional cost of graphics on your packaging is nominal compared to the potential benefits.

2. Silently sell your product

Not only will good packaging design help you stand out at point of sale, it will also help with ongoing sales.

Using marketing speak — packaging is a core part of building a relationship between a brand and the end user, in some cases, long after purchase.

Or to put it more simply — if you’ve been using a product and liked it, it’s easier to buy it again if you remember the packaging next time you see it instore or online.

So branded packaging has the potential to help sell more product both at point of sale and when it’s in use or stored in your customer’s shed. A silent salesperson, if you will.

3. Make it easy

Good packaging design makes information easy to find and understand.

Some products need usage instructions and may have important safety warnings. This information is helpful both at point of sale and when the product is in use. Creating an experience with your brand that makes life easier and minimizes frustration will go a long way toward building loyalty.

Again, the packaging real estate is there already, the trick is to use it wisely. The right information and the right design help grow brand loyalty and ultimately sell more product.

Improving packaging graphics is not hard

Here at Smart Pack, we have in-house design capability, or we can work with your existing graphic designers. We have the capacity to quickly turn around packaging designs and print jobs. Our talented in-house graphic designers create quality designs, including 3D renderings. Our design team understand packaging construction, and know exactly what will work best for each of our bags and sacks.

Enhancing the graphics on your packaging is not a great deal of outlay, and offers a solid return on investment.

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, your packaging design can provide it.

We can turn your ideas into reality, adding value based on our experience in the primary sector. We know what works and what doesn’t.

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