Welcome to the future of sustainable bulk bags…

Did you know that 1 million plastic bottles are used around the world every minute? Far too many of these end up in landfills or the ocean.

Introducing the most environmentally friendly bulk bags on the market. These bulk bags are made from 100% recycled PET and boast some awesome environmental gains compared with using traditional bulk bags.

  1. For every rPET bulk bag produced, we stop the plastic used to make the bag from ending up somewhere it shouldn’t or landfill.
  2. We’re stopping new (virgin) plastic from entering our eco-system.
  3. PET as a resin holds its molecular structure much better than other resins do through the recycling process, allowing us to maintain quality whilst holding significant weights as bulk bags are required to do. For example – it would not be possible to make a quality bulk bag from recycled PP.
  4. Up to 25% less CO² emissions compared to that of a traditional bulk bag.

These bulk bags are tested and certified to international standards, and have integral UV stability to ensure performance in harsh environmental conditions. They are also fully customisable to suit your requirements, including SWL (safe weight loading), size, filling and discharge spouts, and printing, with up to 4 colours available.

Here is some more on the process:

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