Think paper bags won’t cut it? Think again.

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If you think paper packaging just won’t cut it for your product, you might be wrong. Multi-wall paper bags have come a long way in the past few years and are now a viable alternative to Woven PP bags in many areas – and they’re much better for the environment. Have we got your attention yet? An efficient and versatile packaging option made from a sustainable and renewable resource, multi-wall paper bags are available in a variety of constructions. Whether your product is cement or building materials, human food or pet food, agricultural products, chemicals or minerals, paper bags are worth considering.

6 things about multi-wall paper bags that may surprise you

#1. Strength and Durability

Depending on the specification, the strength and durability characteristics of multi-wall paper bags are actually up there with Woven PP bags. We’ll work with you to design/specify a bag to meet the strength and durability requirements required for your product. These days, paper punches above its weight.

#2. Moisture

Traditionally, paper and moisture don’t go together, but the use of technical papers & moisture barriers overcomes this. Specific moisture barriers between the layers of paper or on the internal layer can be applied to protect your product and the multi-wall paper bag.

#3. Print

The print options on paper bags are great, from full-colour gravure printing to basic flexographic printing, it’s easy to achieve a high-quality look and feel to your bags. And if you go for a block bottom design you can also print on the bottom of your bag which is awesome for horizontal presentation either on a pallet or in store.

#4. Environmental

The global packaging market is increasingly adopting measures to reduce the environmental impact of operations. This is driving improvements in the recyclability of paper, without compromising on the strength of the material. And that’s a win for paper sacks.

If you’re concerned about the environmental footprint of your business—or if your customers are—paper is a stand out option. You can’t beat a good win-win. Good for branding and sales and good for the environment.

#5. Breathability

The natural quality of paper allows the packaged product to breathe freely and ensure it remains fresh. It is also possible to have food grade certified paper bags if required. Perforations are also commonly used.

#6. Construction

The construction options for multi-wall paper bags are numerous. Block bottom, pinched bottom, open mouth, envelope mouth.

Is it time to consider eco-friendly paper for the packaging for your product?

Packaging plays an important role to ensure your product is portrayed to its true value. That’s something we take seriously.

If you’re considering making a change it’s important to ensure it’s in the best interests of your product and business. Often a small scale trial is the first step which we can help facilitate.

We take all steps to ensure you are supplied with quality, reliable, cost-effective packaging to meet your unique requirements.

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