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Here at Smart Pack, we believe that true kindness comes through giving back and helping others in need. It was Staci’s turn to choose which charity Smart Pack should donate to and of course, the SPCA was top of mind! She has a desire to help animals as they are unable to help themselves easily. She encourages her children to help take care of them and they often foster abandoned animals that are found on the farm. “You have not lived today, until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

‘Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.’

The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was founded in England in 1824 and is the world’s oldest animal welfare organisation. They have been protecting New Zealand’s animals for over 140 years. Every year, the SPCA helps 35,000 animals who are sick, injured, abused, or abandoned. They also provided 2,127 primary and intermediate schools with 6 copies of each of their books about animal welfare, free of charge. Animals at the SPCA receive health checks, vaccinations, and microchips, which all cannot be done without help from donations.

smart pack employee staciStaci Jelliman chose the SPCA as her charity of choice

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