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Home is where the heart is, its time to support the Ronald McDonald House Charity! This charity is certainly close to home for Jack Power, as he started his work journey at the age of 15 at McDonalds, where he learnt all about this wonderful charity and how it helps children across the globe. These days you can find Jack in our production and dispatch departments. Smart Pack are proud to support the Ronald McDonald House charity and the incredible work they do.

Keeping families together, positively impacting on their journey, by allowing them to focus on their children

The RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities) is over 40 years old, and has houses operating in over 40 countries. They provide support to families when their child is in a New Zealand hospital away from home. Their programmes take care of the practical things in life, so families can focus on their child staying in a hospital away from home. This helps to relieve stresses like paying for a place to sleep near the hospital, organising family meals, and needing a friendly ear to listen on tough days.

supporting RMHCJack Power chose Ronald McDonald House as his charity of choice
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