Supporting Blind Low Vision NZ

Our South Island sales guru Henry Boon’s choice of charity, Blind Low Vision NZ, was inspired by his birthday bud and close family friend, Natalie, who lost her vision at a young age.


Henry knows that Natalie has never to let anything hold her back from experiencing all that life has to offer and appreciates the work that the foundation do each day to help support those who need their services, from guide pups to technology and everything in between.

Fun fact: Henry was already sponsoring a guide pup in training that will hopefully one day positively impact a persons life 🦮

‘Life without limits’

Every day, an average of six New Zealanders turn to Blind Low Vision NZ for support with sight loss. Some are still reeling and are looking for emotional support; many want to find ways to remain self-reliant, to stay in work and get around independently. All want to find ways of doing the things that are important to them. Blind Low Vision NZ is there to provide practical and emotional support, to advocate for inclusive communities and lead the way in vision rehabilitation. Blind Low Vision NZ advocates for accessible and inclusive communities because they believe people with sight loss should be able to get around public spaces like any other member of the community, access the same information, and pursue the career of their dreams without unnecessary barriers.

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