• 01Top Options

    01Zip Slider

    Zip Slider allows for easy opening and closing providing convenience and secure sealing for the contents.

    01Press To Close

    Press to Close (PTC) allows for a Resealable mechanism where applying pressure seals the pouch shut, maintaining freshness and preventing spillage.


    Velcro reseal on a pouch involves a hook-and-loop fastening system that allows repeated opening and closing, providing a secure closure for the contents including fine powders.

    01Tear Nicks

    Designed to facilitate easy tearing and opening of the packaging for quick access to the contents.

  • 02Construction Options

    02Quad Seal

    Offering enhanced stability and structural integrity, making it ideal for packaging heavier or bulkier products while maximizing shelf presence.

    02Quad Seal Flat Bottom Construction

    Its unique design provides increased capacity, stability, and shelf appeal for packaging a variety of products.

    02Quad Seal Roll Bottom

    The roll bottom feature enhances the presentation and marketing appeal of the pouch by providing a clean look and enabling better visibility of the packaged product.


    All components can be customised to suit your requirements.

  • 03Other Options

    03Clear Windows

    Transparent windows can be created to expose your produce without impacting the bag integrity.

    03Soft Touch Finish

    Premium finish texture, enhancing the packaging's aesthetics and consumer experience.

  • 04Printing Options

    04Full Graphic Printing

    High quality, full graphic printing, with glossy, semi-gloss or matte finish.

    04Digital Printing

    High Quality Small Run printing with short order lead times.


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