• 01Bag Top Options

    01Cut Top

    Clean cut, cost effective, easy to open

    01Easy Opening Tape

    Ideal if you are looking to make your customers life a little easier to release the goods

    01Carry Handle

    Custom coloured handles - sewn into closed end as required for easy handling


    All components can be customised to suit your requirements

  • 02Construction Options

    02Gusset Construction

    The gusset construction looks attractive and improves stacking performance

    02Block Bottom Construction

    Awesome option for high stacking performance and added printing area on the base

    02Block Bottom + Gusset Construction

    A great combination for getting the benefits of the Block Bottom Bag and the Gusset Bag together


    All components can be customised to suit your requirements

  • 03Other Options

    03Punch Holes

    Body punch holes are added to the body of the bag for enhanced breathability


    All components can be customised to suit your requirements

  • 04Printing Options

    04Full Graphic Printing

    High definition, full graphic, gravure printing to maximise your brand presence

  • 05BOPP Potato Bag Designs

    05Premium NZ Potatoes Bag Design

    Elevate the quality of your potato packaging with Smart Pack's Premium NZ Potatoes Bag Design - available to all growers.

    05Premium Agria Bag Design

    Stand out in retail settings with our bold and bright Agria Potato Bag Design – Tailored for Agria Growers.

    05Custom Potato Bag Design

    Bring your brand into your Potato Packaging or create a new look with the help of Smart Pack’s Graphic Design team.


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