Introducing the Smart Release™ Bulk Bag

smart release™ bulk bag

Bulk Bags have revolutionised the way we transport and store dry goods, but discharging their contents is not without risks. Traditional bulk bag designs require someone to reach under the bag with their entire upper body, to slit the bag open, or to release a dispensing spout. With bulk bags able to hold 1000kg+, Health and Safety is a major consideration.

Until now!!!

We have greatly reduced the risks involved in discharging bulk bags with the introduction of a new, innovative design, the Smart Release™ system.

The Smart Release™ bulk bag has a spout underneath that is controlled by a series of ties, which can be accessed while standing beside the bag (not reaching underneath it).

Developed as a joint venture between Smart Pack and the manufacturer, the Smart Release™ bag is the newest and safest bulk bag on the market in New Zealand.

Not only that, but it comes with cost and time-saving efficiencies.

Why the Smart Release™ bulk bag will tick your boxes:


If you care about the safety of your people… this is the safest Bulk Bag discharge/release system on the market.


When you have multiple sites and staff, small inefficiencies can soon add up. The longer a job takes, the more it costs you in the long run. The Smart Release™ bulk bag is quick and easy to use. Its simple but clever design is easy to understand, requiring little training and speeding up the whole process of discharging.


Before spouts, bulk bags had to be cut open to release their contents, rendering them a single-use product. With its innovative tie system, the spout on the Smart Release™ bulk bag can be easily and securely put back in place after its contents have been emptied. This can be done on the spot, so each bag leaves the yard ready for its next use.


Yes, there are already bulk bags with the spout feature on the market. But they can be difficult to re-tie and when they aren’t tied up properly they don’t work. And then you end up having to cut the bag open anyway. The Smart Release™ system is pretty much fail proof. Release, tie, refill, repeat.

The saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. But we don’t subscribe to this. We won’t change something just for the sake of it, but just because something’s working well, doesn’t mean it can’t be done better.

We are constantly looking for innovative, but practical, solutions to improve on our products.

The Smart Release™ system is clever in its simplicity and, like all good inventions, it will leave you wondering why it wasn’t invented sooner!

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